To endure a significant physical challenge on behalf of one in 1,000 men, women and children in the Australian population affected by the devastating disorder - Muscular Dystrophy.

To raise funds and awareness for Muscular Dystrophy through:
ChallengeMD! 2013 Rickshaw Run.

To challenge your own mental and physical stamina by driving over 4,000 kilometers on treacherous roads and through areas where people would not consider going in a vehicle totally unsuitable for the task! A 7hp Rickshaw!

To Make a Difference!

4000km’s across The Indian Subcontinent.  One 7hp Rickshaw, two adventurers with just two weeks to compete, complete and survive…

They’re at it again, the dynamic Team MDA duo that took on and survived the Mongol Rally in 2011 are back to prove, no impossible journey is impossible!

In 2011 Leon Struk and Ian Casey drove a 1.3L Suziki Jimny 15,000km across 14 countries from London to Mongolia.   “Are you crazy?” is the common response to this day, and now they are about to embark on something even more ridiculous!   On April 6th, 2013 Leon and Ian will climb aboard a 7hp, 145cc engine, 3 wheeled “Tuk tuk” and attempt to cross the Indian sub-continent!

From Cochin in the S.E. to Shilong in the N.E corner, that’s 4000km or 2400 miles on the equivalent of your garden lawnmower.   Need to put this into perspective? Picture Sydney - Perth or San Francisco - Honolulu on something as comfortable & completely inappropriate as it sounds…

Melbourne based aircraft engineer and photographer, Leon Struk, 35 and Irish born, San Francisco-based business executive Ian Casey, 40 will join forces with 70 teams in a bid to raise much needed funds for Indian based Frank Water Projects (Sustainable clean water projects) and Muscular Dystrophy Australia.

With no backup vehicle, support crew or roadside assist at the end of a ‘phone line’, Leon and Ian will have to rely on their own ingenuity and creativity to overcome breakdown or mechanical problems they may encounter. The dynamic duo will also have to figure out how to cross unknown terrain, out pace Tigers, avoid Cows, climb mountains and other seemingly impassable sections of the 4,000 km route.

Not a stranger to travel, Leon has seen more parts of the world than many people have in a lifetime. His travels have taken him from South America to South East Asia, Russia to China via Mongolia and Mexico to Morocco via Cuba.
Leon has been heavily involved with Muscular Dystrophy Australia since his early teens. This passion in supporting MD is very personal – Leon’s younger brother Ryan, is affected by this devastating disorder. His support of MDA has ranged from selling tickets in the MDA’s Harley-Davidson Raffles to participating in ChallengeMD. Through ChallengeMD Leon has pedalled a mountain bike from North to South Vietnam and trekked to over 4,169 meters in Nepal. To date ChallengeMD has raised more than $2.2 million in support of MD.

It was on the Trans-Siberian Railway in 2005 on a journey from St Petersburg to Beijing where Leon first met Ian.  Ian is also no stranger to travel and charity support having lived in five countries and travelled the world across Europe, Russia, Central and South East Asia, the entire America’s and all places in between including Siberia.  From an early age Ian has been associated with local charities helping the elderly in Cork, Ireland, a kindergarten school in Oakland, CA and an organisation that helps situate displaced refugees in San Francisco.  An avid cyclist, he has completed multiple Century Rides on behalf of Leukaemia research and is a member of the Ireland Funds.

Leon and Ian have set a minimum fundraising sponsorship target of $15,000. Of course getting to the final destination in North East India is going to be difficult. And just as difficult will be the task in securing the necessary community and corporate support to help them reach their minimum charity target.

Leon and Ian are calling on the support business and corporate sector to come on board financially and to share in the knowledge that the support given will benefit those most in need.

What a team this dynamic duo will make - Ian is technically challenged and his mechanical skill-set can just see him change a tyre (and that’s it), Leon is geographically challenged relying on GPS to make his way around his home city of Melbourne. Together, this pair’s skills should complement each other nicely on the 4,000 km journey through India … 

Good luck and God speed to them both…

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