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A Rider Profile

Featuring every Rider who has registered for ChallengeMD! 2007 Cambodia . Read about what has motivated each individual to undertake this challenge, and by clicking on ...More... next to each rider you can read about the publicity generated for that rider.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Even though participants in ChallengeMD! have managed to raise the magnificent sum of $433,761 so far, the MDA is still seeking further support to advance support and information services and to further the current research being undertaken. Both these initiatives will have a significant impact on members of the MD Community.

You can sponsor a rider of your choice by a straight donation. You decide how much you want to contribute toward the important work of the MDA. Once you have decided to proceed, click on the "Sponsor Rider " button adjacent to a selected rider to transfer to our secure server. And be very aware every cent or dollar that you contribute toward every turn of the pedal will bring us one step closer! You CAN help in the Fight Muscular Dystrophy Campaign with your sponsorship.

Interested in corporate sponsorship of the event, through naming rights of the event, day or leg of the ride? If so, please visit our Sponsorship page or contact the Executive Director at MDA on 61 3 9320 9555.

Donations and Sponsorship can be remitted directly into the MD bank account.

Banking Details:

Account Name Muscular Dystrophy - ChallengeMD BSB 083 376 Account 86852 9099




Boris M Struk

Rider - Boris M Struk

Profile - Executive Director MDA

Boris knows only too well the devastating effect that Duchenne MD has had on his son Ryan. He is also no stranger to the challenges faced by a family learning to deal with the reality of life with one of these disorders. Boris’ youngest son Ryan has valiantly battled the relentless progression of his disorder for the last 27 years, however as each year progresses his decline in strength seems to solidify Ryan’s resolve to fight on.

As Executive Director of the MDA, Boris also knows only too well the devastating effects that MD has on the other members of “our MD Community” and it has been his determination that has seen the MDA evolve over the last two decades to be the robust, reliable and relevant organisation that it is today.

The inaugural ChallengeMD! 2006 Vietnam was a huge success with over $420,000 raised. 

“We set out to help fight Muscular Dystrophy, but somewhere along the road during this epic journey we found a new strength and a stronger will. This was based on the camaraderie that was borne during the heat, humidity and endless kilometers that was ChallengeMD! 2006 Vietnam. Every rider acknowledged this was a pivotal event in their life. It certainly was for me – the sheer fact that I was able to complete the task has given me a new resolve in my day to day battle with a greater foe – Muscular Dystrophy.

The main objective now is to increase my level of fitness, start chalking up the kms on the road and then raising as much financial support from the community and corporate sector to ensure that ChallengeMD! 2007 Cambodia will be the success that it deserves to be. It will Make a Difference”

Sponsorship Target -

Current Sponsorship - $47,266

Julian Thompson with son James

Rider - Julian Thompson

Profile - Financial Markets

I am 35 years old, married to my darling wife Sharyn and have 2 children James and Charlyse. We live in Singapore where I work for Reuters, a financial markets information company.

I was born in Manly and have 2 sisters and a twin brother. I was schooled on the Northern Beaches and after I left school I started a career as a Foreign Exchange Broker.

I have lived around the world, spending time in Japan, U.K. , South Africa, U.S.A. and now Singapore. Sharyn and I were married in Manly in August 2004. Sharyn fell pregnant on our wedding night and 9 months later James Alan entered the world in Tokyo.

On fathers day last year my wife took James to the doctors and he was diagnosed with MD. After tests it was confirmed that he was suffering from Duchennes. As all parents who have their children diagnosed with MD and other terrible diseases we were in shock, devastated and felt absolutely helpless. The only thing to do is to fight and raise money and awareness of this disease and to start "Making a Difference" to find a cure for our little boy and others like him.

My fundraising goal is $150,000. If you shoot for the stars you may hit the moon.

I have been blessed in the opportunities I have had. A lot of my friends have pledged their support and through me doing this ride I want to take up their pledges and show them that their love and support will help cure this disease.

I am asking for people to do what they can.

Thanks for you support

Sponsorship Target - $150,000

Current Sponsorship - $151,000

David Rowe & Vincent

Rider - David Rowe

Profile - Technical Officer

I am 41 years of age and married to Lisa. We have three children, Claire (12), Juliette (10) and Vincent (3). I work for Telstra at the Global Operations Centre in Clayton. I was born in the northwest Victorian town of Nhill, moved to Stawell when I was 12 and now live in Yarraville.

In May last year our son Vincent was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. We were initially overwhelmed by this news, and sometimes still are, but are now determined to take part in ChallengeMD! 2007 Cambodia to give ourselves a positive focus. The funds we raise from ChallengeMD! 2007 Cambodia will help the MD community and also assist with research that will hopefully lead to a cure for Vincent and others affected by MD.

Lisa and I are very fortunate to have a great network of family and friends. We’ve been really touched by the amount of support we’ve received since Vincent’s diagnosis. I’m especially appreciative of my close friends Pat and Danielle who are also participating in ChallengeMD!, as well as my cousin Kerrie and her friend Bec. This support has given us the confidence to throw ourselves into the fundraising aspect of ChallengeMD! 2007 Cambodia, something that we wouldn’t have dreamt of doing in the past….I also wouldn’t have dreamt of cycling 512km through Cambodia!

Sponsorship Target -

Current Sponsorship - $30,541

Quote Ref #MD001, and 15% of the sale profit will go towards the ChallengeMD! 2007 Appeal.

Pub Night

Entertainment & Nibbles

Robert Martin Murphy

Rider - Rob Martin Murphy

Profile - Advertising

I'm 35 years old and I live in Sydney. I was born in Sydney at RNS and raised in Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne and Sydney (in that order).

When I left school I decided to give uni a miss and get into advertising. I've been working in the business for 17 years. Now I'm the National Creative Director of an agency called The Furnace. We have offices in Sydney and Melbourne and work for clients including Skins, CUB, Cadbury Schweppes, GSK, TAC, Levi Strauss,Peugeot, Free TV and Electrolux. I've been at the agency since July 06. Before that I spent 6.5 years living and working in Singapore. While I was there I played for both the Singapore 7s and 15s national rugby teams, so I vaguely remember what it's like to be fit.

The reason I'm doing this ride is simple. Julian Thompson asked me to complete the challenge with him. No doubt you've already read his story. We've known each other since we were about 8 years old and met through rugby and have been best mates ever since.

Cycling around Cambodia is going to be tough, but it's nothing compared to the challenges Julian's son James and other people with MD have to face on a daily basis. So please give generously and help the MDA continue to fight the fight.

Sponsorship Target - $50,000

Current Sponsorship - $17,257

Patrick Allan

Rider - Patrick Allan

Profile - Police Officer

I am 41 years of age and was born in Stawell, in country Victoria.  I am married to Danielle, and have three children:  Alexandra (8 years) and Rose and Seamus (5 year old twins).  I am a member of the Victoria Police Force with 15 years service, and currently live and work in Bendigo.

I recently became aware of Muscular Dystrophy via my friends Lisa and David.  I have known Lisa since we were both in prep 36 odd years ago and went through Primary and Secondary school together, and David since 1981, when he moved to Stawell and also attended our Secondary school.  We have maintained a firm friendship for all this time and I was deeply moved when David rang me several months ago and informed me that their young son Vincent had been diagnosed with MD.  David and Lisa have two older girls and our families are very close, and when David explained Vincent's prognosis, Danielle and I were devastated.  Vincent is a lovely-natured and delightful little boy, and to think that he will not grow to develop his full potential is heart-breaking.  I cannot imagine the despair that Danielle and I would feel if one of our children were diagnosed with MD or some similar condition.

A month or two ago, David mentioned that he was considering going on the ChallengeMD! 2007 Cambodia ride.  David has always been fit and healthy, but never the sort to embark on a venture such as this.  After hearing of Vincent's condition, our circle of friends had been wondering what practical assistance we could give David and Lisa, and this seemed a great way for us to support them.  I am far from a fitness-freak, and my adult cycling has been confined to the occasional 8 kilometre trundle to work.  The  500 kilometre journey around Cambodia will be very physically challenging for me, not to mention the challenge of raising at least $5000, but who wouldn't do whatever they could to assist the MD community?  The money that we raise may not help Vincent get any better, but it may help pay for him or other children to attend CampMDA, or assist with research to spare other families this terrible condition in the future.

Sponsorship Target -

Current Sponsorship - $6,120

Sandra Fuller

Rider - Sandra Fuller

Profile - Retail Assistant

Hi, my name is Sandra. I have been living in Melbourne for the past 7 years. Most of my spare time is consumed by my interest in Violin Making.

A couple of years ago, my nephew Fletch was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Now my interests also lie in trying to understand Muscular Dystrophy research papers. I am thankful that we have some great minds producing great research. I am putting all my positive thoughts into cures being found for all the strains of muscular dystrophy (and other serious illnesses) soon.

I really believe that if we all contribute in any small way and stay focused, we can get there quicker. It has been a great comfort for me to learn that we have a Muscular Dystrophy Association, with people that care and provide care. Please throw all your money at us, so we can give it to them.

Sponsorship Target -

Current Sponsorship - $8,471

Marley Kennedy

Rider - Marley Kennedy

Profile - Retail Assistant

Hi, I'm Marley

I am 21 and live in Melbourne. I grew up in country NSW. I have been living in Melbourne for the last 3 years and working in retail. I find that I enjoy the city life just as much as the country. My spare time is taken up with my interest in listening to music (usually pop - rage etc) and watching football.

The idea of going to Cambodia and cycling over 500 km sounds like quite a challenge, but I am more than happy to do it if it will raise funds for the Muscular Dystrophy Association. My nephew Fletch is affected by Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, so my goal is to complete the ride for him.

Any financial support form the public will be very much appreciated.

Sponsorship Target - $5,000

Current Sponsorship - $8,281

Kerrie Cameron

Rider - Kerrie Cameron

Profile - Teacher

I am 32 years old, grew up in the small Victorian town of Nhill and went to Uni in Melbourne. After graduating in Asian Studies I went to Japan where I spent 8 years teaching English. I then spent 18 months trekking around, checking out the world! I moved to Canberra at the beginning of this year.

I first heard about ChallengeMD 2007 Cambodia from my cousin David Rowe and his wife Lisa, whose son Vincent is affected by Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Being very keen on cycling, travel and adventure, I saw ChallengeMD 2007 Cambodia as the perfect opportunity to help the Muscular Dystrophy Association raise money for research and help change the lives of those affected by Muscular Dystrophy and Neuromuscular Disorders.

I have been amazed at how fast and how far the word of my participation in ChallengeMD 2007 Cambodia has already spread and have been moved by the support, encouragement and assistance I have received from those around me.

I already feel that I personally have gained a lot of valuable experiences through ChallengeMD 2007 Cambodia by learning more about Muscular Dystrophy and by witnessing the power we have to make a difference when we all work together. To participate in fundraising for the Muscular Dystrophy Association and the ChallengeMD 2007 Cambodia ride is an opportunity that Vincent Rowe has given me. I will endeavour to make a positive difference to his life too.

Sponsorship Target - To raise as much as I possibly can.

Current Sponsorship - $5,966

Patrick Pope

Rider - Patrick Pope

Profile - Area Supervisor

I am employed as an Area Supervisor with SKILLED in Mackay Queensland and I am also a WHSO, Life Coach & Counsellor.

I have lived in 4 states throughout Australia and love traveling, as does my brother, Mick.

Mick rode with the ChallengeMD! 2006 Vietnam team and after hearing all about it from him, I was more than excited about the prospect of pedaling through Cambodia.

What convinced me though was reading all about Muscular Dystrophy as I haven’t had any exposure to MD previously however I having researched the disorder through the web and am now convinced the decision to ride is the right one.

I have enlisted the help of an old mate, Danny Stedman to assist with the fundraising and the fitness campaign …. We both registered for ChallengeMD! 2007 Cambodia and and have now started working towards being on the plane in October where I look forward to meeting everyone prior to the great journey through Cambodia.

Sponsorship Target -

Current Sponsorship - $6,035

Danny Stedman

Rider - Danny Stedman

Profile - Mechanical Engineer

I am 44 years old, currently working as the Global Planning Manager for Transfield Services in the BMA Coal Field Maintenance Alliance.

I have over twenty years experience in the mining industry. I am based at Saraji Mine, living in Dysart (3 hours drive south west of Mackay).

I enjoy any challenge, and ChallengeMD! 2007 Cambodia has the benefits of raising money for a great cause, provides an incentive to raise my fitness level, meet people while raising money and while on the Challenge, see a new country and experience its culture and scenery, all with an old friend while making new friends along the way.

Sponsorship Target -

Current Sponsorship - $6,085

Jonathan Manifold

Rider - Jonathan Manifold

Profile - Financial Markets

I am 35 years old, currently working for ANZ Bank in Singapore in Financial Markets. I am originally from country Victoria, and moved up to Asia with Jane 18 months ago.

I have only known Julian and Sharyn since being in Singapore, and like all those who know them was shocked to hear the news that James has MD. Julian and Sharyn’s resolve to make a difference, not only for James, but for all those people affected by MD is nothing short of inspiring.

So I am going to get out of my desk jockey existence for a couple of weeks and put this not so fit body through its paces again (and see if I can get rid of some of those chins!). No doubt there will be days where the old engine will want to pack it in, but that will be nothing compared to the pain and heartache the Thompson family have been through.

I hope to raise as much support and awareness for MDA as possible.

I will pay for all my trip costs, so every cent donated goes straight to MDA.

Thankyou for your support.

Due to a very recent change in employment location (to another country), Jonathon is no longer in a position to participate in ChallengeMD 2007 Cambodia! MD appreciates the spirit of his participation and for spreading the word about MD.

Sponsorship Target -

Current Sponsorship - $1,060

Trent Beacroft

Rider - Trent Beacroft

Profile - Financial Markets

I live in Singapore with my wife Anita and 7 year old son Joshua. I work for ANZ Bank in the Financial Markets Division. My wife and I are both originally from Sydney and have lived overseas for the last 14 years in Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore, where our son was born.

Anita and I have both known Julian for over 15 years, and then met Sharyn and young James during their time in Japan.

I think like all people who are made aware of friends or family diagnosed with MD our initial reaction was one of shock and sadness. However these feelings were soon pushed aside by Julian and Sharyn, and replaced by their resolute desire to make a difference.

In joining Julian and the other cyclists in Challenge MD! 2007 Cambodia, I am both excited and honored to be taking part in an event that I know will make real difference to the lives of those affected by MD.

Sponsorship Target -

Current Sponsorship - $10,265

Leanne Sammels

Rider - Leanne Sammels

Profile - Medical Scientist

I am 42 years old with 2 grown up kids, Joshua (21) and Bridget (18). I work at the Princess Margaret Hospital for Children in Perth, Western Australia as a Medical Scientist. I worked for a number of years on Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy research at the University of Western Australia and learnt about the devastating impact MD has on people with MD and also their family and friends. Discovering better treatments and ultimately a cure for MD is an incredibly difficult challenge but it is achievable. The scientists in Australia and around the world working towards this goal are making progress. Raising money to fund the National Muscular Dystrophy Research Centre will help to achieve this goal. As will the MDA’s ability to provide more support and services to members of the MD community.

My reason for riding is to raise money to support people affected by MD and their families and to contribute to the funding for research to develop a cure for MD. I can’t wait to meet the challenge of riding across Cambodia. It will be a once in a lifetime experience for me and will hopefully help make a difference in the lives of people living with MD.

Sponsorship Target - $20,000

Current Sponsorship - $16,569

Jasmyn Real

Rider - Jasmyn  Real

Profile - Advertising

I am 26 years old, born and bread on the Northern Beaches and living in Sydney. I am an Account Director working in pharmaceutical advertising. My brother-in-law is Julian Thompson.

On fathers day last year, my sister (Sharyn Thompson) called me from Singapore (where they live) to tell me that my gorgeous nephew James had muscular dystrophy. My mum and I flew straight over to Singapore to support and be with them while they awaited confirmation. When it was confirmed that he had Duchenne MD, it was a devastating blow to our whole family.

But, being the optimist I am and working in the world of pharmaceuticals, I am ever hopeful that a cure could be around the corner. So our family have set out to raise as much money as we can for MD and would love any support you could offer - no matter how small.

Thanks for your support

Sponsorship Target -

Current Sponsorship - $5,000

Rebecca Jackson

Rider - Rebecca  Jackson

Profile - Teacher

I am 34 years old and am currently working and living in Japan. I have been in Japan for a total of 8 years.

I teach English as a second language to children and adults at a private English Conversation School. I spent two years travelling around the world from 2004 – 2006, which was an amazing journey.

When I first heard about ChallengeMD 2007 Cambodia from my very good friend Kerrie I was instantly very keen to participate. Kerrie’s cousin, David Rowe and his wife Lisa’s son, Vincent, is affected by Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. I thoroughly enjoy challenges of any kind and see ChallengeMD 2007 Cambodia as a wonderful opportunity to help those affected by Muscular Dystrophy and Neuromuscular Disorders.

I feel very privileged to have actually been fortunate enough to have realized my dream of travelling the world. I am very grateful to be able to take part in ChallengeMD 2007 Cambodia and it is my hope that through ChallengeMD 2007 Cambodia we can help others to achieve the things that they dream about.

Since returning to Japan in April 2006, after travelling around the world, I have been keen to set up a fund-raising committee as an extra-curricular activity at the school where I am employed. Challenge MD 2007 Cambodia has afforded me with just that opportunity for which I am incredibly grateful.

I have been totally overwhelmed and moved by the response, support and encouragement that I have received from my school and its students. It is extraordinarily rewarding to see people pulling together and working together towards an incredibly worthy goal. It has inspired me greatly and I am most thankful for that.

I look forward to the journey through Cambodia and meeting everyone there.

Sponsorship Target - To raise as much as possible!

Current Sponsorship - $7,611

Brad Towne

Rider - Brad  Towne

Profile - Printer

I am a married to Melinda (also doing ChallengeMD! 2007 Cambodia). We have 2 boys, Samuel (4) and Jett(2).

Hearing the words Samuel had Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy in November 2005 has proven to be the most difficult time in our lives. Absolutely shattering and something that took time to come to terms with.

The support of family, friends along with MDA has given us strength and hope. Our focus is making a happy and better life for both our sons and to ensure they both reach their full potential.

Being a keen sportsman, participating in ChallengeMD! 2007 Cambodia gives me the opportunity to help towards finding a cure and giving those affected by MD a better quality of life. Travelling through Cambodia will also give Melinda and I a chance to connect with people whose lives have been affected by muscular dystrophy in some way.

Sponsorship Target - To raise as much as I can

Current Sponsorship - $6,861

Melinda Towne

Rider - Melinda  Towne

Profile - Full Time Mum

I am 37 years old and a full time mum. I am married to Brad who is also doing the ChallengeMD! 2007 Cambodia. We have two beautiful boys Samuel who is 4 years old and Jett who is 2 years old.

On the 10th November 2005 Samuel was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. This diagnose shattered us - totally and utterly.

Looking back on the past 18 months it has been a long journey and still now find it hard to come to terms with. It has also changed us - made us realise we need to make the most of Here and NOW. We do have great support from our family and friends, which we appreciate.

I keep active, running on a regular basis. However I have never biked this far before. My personal challenge is to raise as much money as possible and to train hard to ensure I succeed. I will feel proud that I have completed the 513kms knowing that the money raised will make a difference helping all those affected by Muscular Dystrophy.

Samuel is my total inspiration to completing ChallengeMD! 2007 Cambodia.

Sponsorship Target - To raise as much as I possibly can

Current Sponsorship - $6,851

Jade Goodge

Rider - Jade Goodge

Profile - Uni Student

I am 21 years old and am studying physiotherapy at LaTrobe university.

I had always been aware of Muscular Dystrophy. As a child, I had a grown-up cousin who was affected by Becker MD. However I didn't become involved with the MDA until I'd moved to Melbourne for uni.

I started doing volunteer work with MDA two years ago and since then I have helped out at a few of their fantastic CampMDA's and also done some casual work on weekends, working with the boys on OperationMD ShortBreak. There is always a lot of fun to be had when the guys are around, whether it's getting into a food fight at a camp (and maybe once at La Porchetta's...!), trying to fit four chairs into a tiny cinema, cheering on a wheel-chair hockey squad, or having the boys give me stick because I still can't work out the X-Box controls let alone play Halo2! Although I started out simply as a volunteer, I think it would have been more difficult to not end up as friends with such a great group of people as those I have met at MDA.

Due to the demands of my degree (and the demands of trying to survive as a student living away from home!), I haven't been able to give as much time to MDA as I would like to, and I thought that ChallengeMD! 2007 Cambodia would be the perfect way to start getting more involved. ChallengeMD! 2007 offered the opportunity to raise awareness and funds for muscular dystrophy, how could I not take part?

I see some of the challenges faced by those living with MD and their families. It is so easy for people to think "wouldn't it be great if everything was ok for everyone?" but it's so much harder to transpose those thoughts into action. At the core of our humanity is the fear of failure and insufficiency. I think it's time to overcome this fear and rise to the Challenge, because compassion transcends all religions, all nationalities, all ages, and, maybe we can hope, all adversaries.

"The end of man is an Action and not a Thought, though it were the noblest." - Thomas Carlyle

Sponsorship Target - $40,000

Current Sponsorship - $5,215

David Dawes

Rider - David Dawes

Profile - Uni Student

"I am 23 years old and was born and raised in Melbourne. I am currently studying at La Trobe University, Bundoora. All going well, I will graduate at the end of this year and begin a career as a physiotherapist.

At the moment I do some personal training and promotional work to get myself through uni. I was made aware of Muscular Dystrophy during my studies, as many physiotherapists dedicate their careers to helping people and families deal with the challenges of Muscular Dystrophy. My friend Jade, who works closely with MDA, told me about the challenge and I've decided to go ahead and give it a shot.

Unlike most other people who we will be riding with, I am blessed in that I don't have a family member or close friend who is affected by Muscular Dystrophy. My interest in this particular cause comes from my passion for fitness and activity and thus a real empathy for those not as lucky as myself. I'm sure there are so many families living in hope that a cure for MD is just around the corner, so I thank everyone in anticipation for their support of a truly worthwhile cause."

Sponsorship Target -

Current Sponsorship - $6,487

Sarah Blackah

Rider - Sarah Blackah

Profile -

Hi all, I’m 23 years old and I have recently completed my degree in Sports Management and Marketing at Deakin University. I am currently working in marketing and promotions full time and saving to travel overseas at the end of the year.

I’m generally a fairly adventurous person and enjoy getting involved in a number of different sports and other physical pursuits. While I’m not much of a bike rider I look forward to training and taking on this new challenge.

Reading everyone’s profiles has not only made me more excited to meet all of the other cyclists but has also shed light on different people’s motivations for taking part in ChallengeMD 2007 Cambodia. While I have not been directly touched by Muscular Dystrophy I feel that this is no reason not to do my bit to help those children and families that have.

My interest in raising money for MDA comes from a realization of how lucky I am to be able to lead such an active lifestyle. The training (which involves early morning spin classes and the constructive criticism from motorists) and the bike ride itself will all be worthwhile as long as we are able to get the support and funding needed to make ChallengeMD 2007 Cambodia a great success. I would like to thank everyone in advance for your support.

Sponsorship Target -

Current Sponsorship - $5,416

Tania Lee Stephenson

Rider - Tania Lee Stephenson

Profile - Physiotherapist

I am a 36 year old Kiwi. I have 3 sisters and was raised and schooled on Auckland’s North Shore. I trained as a Physiotherapist and since graduating in 1992 I have worked within the public health system and in private clinics. In 1995 I traveled overseas, backpacking and working in the UK and Canada before returning home for good in 1999. I have completed further physiotherapy study specializing in hand therapy. I currently live and work in Auckland, NZ as a Hand Therapist and business co-owner of Hands On Rehabilitation, a specialist physiotherapy clinic.

In my spare time I enjoy keeping active through pilates, touch and hockey and look forward to mastering a new skill in cycling. Although the prospect of sitting and riding for 100km in one day is a little bit daunting!

I was introduced to Challenge MD! 2007 Cambodia by my colleague Sharon Nash and I am excited to be part of such an event. I am ready to tackle the physical challenge of cycling such distances (well hopefully by October anyway) and the social and cultural challenges of seeing a new country and being part of a wider group of individuals working together for such a worthy cause. As an allied health professional I see the need for quality research to enable change and progress in understanding disorders such as MD. I hope my small contribution might assist research which is vital for improving quality of care, facilitating optimal treatment regimes and improving function for people living with MD.

Sponsorship Target -

Current Sponsorship - $6,163

Sharon Louise Nash

Rider - Sharon Louise Nash

Profile - Physiotherapist

I was born in England and emigrated to New Zealand when I was nine, with my younger brother and older sister. I graduated as a Physiotherapist in 2000, and have spent the past few years working in both private practice and the public health system in NZ and overseas. Since returning from the UK last year, I have been fortunate to work at Hands On Rehabilitation and a general musculoskeletal clinic. I am thrilled that my boss and colleague Tania will be joining me on Challenge MD! 2007 Cambodia.

I clearly remember the day when my brother walked into the lounge and showed us that he couldn't raise his arm above his head. At the time it was quite baffling, but also quite amusing to his siblings! A few months later, the diagnosis of Facioscapulohumeral dystrophy was not so funny. Over the years we have seen some physical alterations in Andrew, but his ability amazes me, especially when I know how weak some of his muscles are. More than this though, his quiet determination and strength in dealing with his diagnosis, is inspirational.

Andrew is a keen cyclist, and so it is somehow appropriate that I will be cycling to raise money to assist those living with neuromuscular disorders. In accepting this challenge, I look forward to pushing my physical boundaries, and hope that others will see this as a remarkable enough event to sponsor me and support all those affected by MD.

An additional £1,000 was donated to the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign in UK in Sharon's name in recognition of her support and participation in ChallengeMD! 2007 Cambodia.

Sponsorship Target - $10,000

Current Sponsorship - $5,878

Andrew Kornberg

Rider - Andrew Kornberg

Profile - Assoc. Professor Director Neurology RCH

Andrew has seen many children and adults affected by Muscular Dystrophy in his career as a neurologist at the Royal Children’s Hospital and has committed much of his professional life contributing to that growing pool of knowledge by contributing his skills to accelerating the search for a timely solution.

Sponsorship Target -

Current Sponsorship - $21,299

Bill Schlink

Rider - Bill Schlink

Profile - Real Estate

Profile to come!

Sponsorship Target -

Current Sponsorship - $23,760

Stephanie Kim Lorenzo

Rider - Stephanie Kim Lorenzo

Profile - PR & Marketing

G’Day, my name is Stephanie Lorenzo. I am 21 years old and recently graduated from Macquarie University with a Bachelor of International Communication. I found out about ChallengeMD! 2007 Cambodia through my friend Sarah. Together we decided that this cause was a way that we could help to raise awareness and much needed funds for such a fantastic organization as well as test our own boundaries. I do not immediately know anyone with Muscular Dystrophy, however I do know about the effects that this disorder poses on individuals and their families, which is the main reason as to why I want to dedicate my time and effort into raising as much a possible for the Muscular Dystrophy Association.

We live in a world where I believe we need to share through experience. I have a passion for people, communicating with them and understanding their needs and wants. I have always been happy to donate money to certain charities and am an ongoing supporter of Oxfam, St Vincent de Paul and World Vision. However I always felt that I wanted to go that extra mile and do more for those in need. I recently signed up to become a volunteer for a disability services centre where I plan to support, care for and have fun with children and adults affected by various neuromuscular disorders and other physical impairments.

I believe that ChallengeMD! 2007 Cambodia will be such a rewarding and life changing experience. It is something that I am so excited about and I hope through my experience I can help encourage others to reach out by opening their hearts and minds in awareness of the serious disorders that affect so many people in their community.

Sponsorship Target - $10,000

Current Sponsorship - $6,918

Sarah Kowald

Rider - Sarah Kowald

Profile - Children's Recreation Officer

Hi, my name’s Sarah.

Firstly, I have found that writing this profile is such a humbling experience after reading the profiles of those riders who are so closely affected by Muscular Dystrophy.

I am 22 years old and recently graduated from The University of Sydney with the degree of Bachelor of Applied Science (Leisure and Health). During my studies, I decided to create an opportunity which merged my study with my passion for voluntary work and travel to Tanzania. While living there, I wrote and implemented a Physical Education Curriculum at the School of St Jude. This was an amazing experience and I hope to one day travel back to Africa.

In April of this year, I began working with Northcott Disability Services, who provide services to over 6000 people with disabilities and their families in NSW and the ACT. In my role as Children’s Recreation Officer, I have been lucky enough to meet many amazing people living with disabilities such as Muscular Dystrophy. I have volunteered with disability service providers in the past and found that this field of work is a real passion of mine and every effort to improve the quality of life of any person is a worthwhile cause.

While I generally try to stay physically fit, I am looking forward to pushing my limits by sticking to a training program in order to feel confident in my own level of fitness when October comes around. I am hoping that by showing my commitment to ChallengeMD 2007 Cambodia, it will increase the awareness of Muscular Dystrophy in the greater community and hopefully together, we can work towards treatment, prevention and maybe even one day, a cure.

Sponsorship Target -

Current Sponsorship - $11,386

Total ChallengeMD! Sponsorship received to date $433,761

Help Make a Difference with your contribution.