Boris M Struk pictured with his Harley
For those of you who have met our beloved Executive Director, you may have noticed that he is perhaps not the most….how shall we put it….’athletic’ of people. Boris is the first to admit that the very day he became the proud holder of a driver’s licence was the very last day he rode a bicycle. And at 50(-something), it’s been, well, a few years since that bicycle saw the light of day.

But nevertheless, Boris is a determined man. And despite the protestations of his concerned wife, he is determined to make the entire journey through Vietnam for ChallengeMD! under his own steam (or should we say, using his own pedal power).

And while we know that Boris has given away 37 Harley-Davidson motorcycles so far through MDA’s Raffle Program, his participation in ChallengeMD! will also be on a Harley!

He has been able to secure a limited edition Harley Bicycle used by Olympic Champions

around the Sydney Olympic Games Village during the 2000 Games. Now we are not so sure but he’s hoping that will give him the edge he so desperately needs!

So for the next 9 or so months, Boris will be subjecting himself to all manner of physical exertion, fitness training, and the torment of dim-sim deprivation in order to reach peak physical condition in time for ChallengeMD!’s April departure date.

Under the expert direction of boxing great, Barry Michael and Glen Walsh, Victorian Boxing Champion and Personal Trainer, Boris will undertake a rigorous fitness regime designed to whip him into shape so he can keep up with ultra-fit fellow ChallengeMD! participants Associate Professor Andrew J Kornberg and Barry Michael. Sounds like a challenge to us!

If you think Boris can make it, why not sponsor him to get there?

Each participant must raise a minimum of $5,000 to be eligible to take part in ChallengeMD! Boris has a higher ambition and has committed to raising more than the minimum $5,000 required. Boris said “If I’m putting all this effort into ChallengeMD! I’m determined to raise a minimum of $100,000! However, I will need help from the MD community, private and corporate supporters to achieve this.” The MDA staff have already pledged their dollars – after all, 2 weeks with no boss in the office is too good an opportunity to resist! You can sponsor Boris or any of our ChallengeMD! participants by visiting the ChallengeMD! secure server or by calling the ChallengeMD! Team at MDA on 03 9320 9555.

In the meantime, we will keep you posted on Boris’ progress in upcoming editions of Messenger, so stay tuned….

We are also looking for corporate sponsors for ChallengeMD! and invite interested parties to contact Boris M Struk on (03) 9320 9555 to discuss the benefits of becoming part of the ChallengeMD! Sponsorship Team.

Call Australia +61 3 9320 9555
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