ChallengeMD! 2016 Goldfields

Sponsorship Opportunities.

Your opportunity to sponsor a cyclist participating in ChallengeMD 2016 Goldfields! A 450km ride through the Central Victorian Goldfields in support of MDA.

You decide how much you want to contribute toward the important work of the MDA. Once you have decided to proceed, click on the "Sponsor" button to transfer to our secure transaction server. And be very aware every cent or dollar that you contribute toward every step we take, will bring us one step closer! You CAN help in the Fight Muscular Dystrophy Campaign with your sponsorship.

Interested in corporate sponsorship of the event, through naming rights of the event, day or leg of the cycle challenge? If so, please contact the Executive Director at MDA on 61 3 9320 9555.

Donations and Sponsorship can be remitted directly into the MD bank account.

Banking Details:

Account Name Muscular Dystrophy - ChallengeMD BSB 083 346 Account 01691 0359





Gary Pertot

Walker - 156

Cyclist - Gary Pertot

Profile - Sales Manager

I have been a recreational runner and commuting cyclist forever. About 16 years ago I started doing triathlons and entered a few cycling races at club level. At one stage, I got reasonably serious about training and racing - occasionally finding myself on the podium in B grade events. I then completed a number of long course triathlons and even a couple ultra-marathons. September 2014 was my last major sporting event, since then some would say I have been resting comfortably in a healthy paddock.

For many years I have been interested in completing one (or more) of the MDA Challenges. I really wanted to participate in ChallengeMD Morocco, however the 12 days of travel clashed with work and family commitments. So when I found out that ChallengeMD Goldfields was only 4 days, combined with the need to get back into training - I entered immediately.

For me, Day 2,3 and 4 of ChallengeMD Goldfields are going hurt.

But my little bit of whinging is nothing compared to what families an individual affected by go through on a daily basis. I look forward to Making a Difference!

Sponsorship Target - $2,000

Current Sponsorship - $2,000

Liz Walker

Walker - 157

Cyclist - LIz Walker

Profile - Estimator

Liz is a passionate little go getter - coming in at a whopping 155cm tall - she loves a good challenge and is prepared to give anyone a run for their money. Liz loves anything adventurous including sky diving, camping and mountain biking, and soon hopes to add scuba diving and kite surfing to the list. Not your typical girl, Liz works in the construction industry as an estimator, and her favourite food is undoubtedly steak. Having only taken up cycling a year ago the ChallengeMD Goldfields 2016 tour is sure to be challenge, but Liz hopes she can make a substantial contribution to this worthy cause.

Sponsorship Target - $2,000

Current Sponsorship - $2,040

Leigh Jobling

Walker - 158

Cyclist - Leigh Jobling

Profile - Partner - TAG Financial Services

My brother- in -law passed away two and a half years ago at age 34 from Myotonic Dystrophy. His family really valued the support services provided by a range of organisations, including MDA. This bike challenge is my way of supporting a great organisation while doing something I enjoy. I have been cycling semi-seriously for around 3 years and enjoy the opportunity to challenge myself physically on the road. I live in Ormond with my beautiful wife Tracey and 2 great kids - Aidan 9 and Matilda 6. I am also kept busy at my day job as a Partner at TAG Financial Services leading the Financial Planning division.

Sponsorship Target - $2,000

Current Sponsorship - $4,650

Mandy & Sarah Heard

Walker - 159

Cyclist - Mandy & Sarah Heard

Profile -

First thing I need to state Ė we are not cyclists! We are not accustomed to weekends in lycra! But we are more than willing to put ourselves through the challenge in order to raise money for the Muscular Dystrophy Association. My mother (Mandy) and I (Sarah) have experienced first-hand the good work that the MDA does, in providing support and communicating the latest breakthroughs in the treatment of Muscular Dystrophy.

My brother, George, was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy at 3 years old and is now approaching his 18th birthday. During this time he has met many challenges and achieved many things and above all has never lost any if his determination. This determination is contagious (or maybe just hereditary?) and should push us to complete over 400km in 4 days despite being non-cyclists.

We both enjoy running, and have completed the Run for Strength Fun Run before. I have also taken part in ChallengeMD Mt Blanc 2011 (a fantastic experience!), but think the ChallengeMD Goldfields 2016 will be more physically demanding. So, please donate to support a very worthy cause.

Sponsorship Target - $4,000

Current Sponsorship - $4,179

Roby Corelli

Walker - 160

Cyclist - Roby Corelli

Profile - Professional drumer

My love for cycling was born through my Grandfathers (Nonno's) brother's passion for the sport. Based in Giulianova, north of the Abruzzo region in Italy is where he first managed to make a name for himself. My Italian heritage landed me playing football (soccer) through out all of my life until 5 years ago and I haven't looked back since!

ChallengeMD Goldfield has definitely got me excited; not only because it involves a bike, but also because of the opportunity to help and support those who are in need. I am very much looking forward it!

I love organic food, traveling and weekends away, cycling, buying and building another new bike (who doesnít?). Lets not forget coffee, vinyl, wine, people who say what they mean, performing with musicians who make me sound great & great music (not all music is equal).

I don't like: Music digital downloads, GMO food, fakeness (see the connection with GMO foods?). Microwave ovens, whenever people donít listen, whenever people donít see the bigger picture, boys clubs, competitive people, (unless Iím winning). I donít like fast food, (unless I was stranded and all I have is a BigMac). Finally, anyone who doesnít like Prince.

Sponsorship Target - $2,000

Current Sponsorship - $2,000

Bill Schlink

Walker - 162

Cyclist - Bill Schlink

Profile - Retired

Every kilometre I ride will be physically demanding, especially the hills approaching Ballarat. Every time I push down on the pedals I will be doing so for a most deserving cause and in recognition of the discomfort, frustration and pain endured by those affected by Muscular Dystrophy.

That pain however, will finish when I complete my ride, park my bike and return to normal life.

My sincere request is that you and your family please give consideration to partnering me on this difficult tasks and sponsoring me on this journey towards making a real difference to the lives of so many families that are affected by this devastating disorder.

Regardless of whether you are able to contribute 10c or @10 (or more) per kilometre, your choice to offer financially so that others might find a moment of relief will be of enormous support to this great cause.

With your support Ė Together We Will make a Difference!

Sponsorship Target - $8,000

Current Sponsorship - $10,745

Dave Hall

Walker - 163

Cyclist - Dave Hall

Profile -

I like a challenge especially when itís for a worthy cause like MD. Iím also blessed with good health and fitness which should see me around the course no worries. But it also makes me think hard about all the people with MD who would love to join me but canít because of this terrible disease. So Iím doing this for my son who has MD and for all the people who live with it. I hope the money we raise goes some way to finding a cure.

Sponsorship Target - $2,000

Current Sponsorship - $2,000

Reese Masita

Walker - 164

Cyclist - Reese Masita

Profile - MDA Events Manager

Cycling is a great passion of mine and has played a big role in my life for the past 4 years. The people you meet, the adventures you have and the many ways in which you constantly challenge yourself creates the perfect trifecta for a worthy pursuit.

My involvement with the St Kilda Cycling Club at a committee level has been an immensely rewarding experience. Being exposed to so many keen cyclists from a recreational to professional level proves that cycling is a great leveler for people from all walks and professions.

I am excited to participate in ChallengeMD Goldfields and look forward to yet another great adventure with great people doing great things. I love seeing people come together and challenge themselves for a wonderful cause to experience the joy and camraderie of hard work and giving.

As Events Manager at MDA, I know very well the devastating effects that MD has on members of our MD Community and it is my determination to help contribute towards making a difference.

Sponsorship Target - $2,000

Current Sponsorship - $2,365

Jonathon Nixon

Walker - 165

Cyclist - Jonathan Nixon

Profile -

As everyone does, I rode a bike as a kid and thoroughly enjoyed the freedom that came with it. At some stage my bike disappeared to the back of the garage and I stopped riding.

A few years ago I returned to cycling finding it just as fun and have steadily improved my fitness. I have also made some good friends through cycling and we always look out for each other on the road.

These days Iíve become more of a commuter; cycling from one side of Melbourne to the other.  Itís a great refreshing way to start / finish the working day. The MD Goldfields Ride Challenge took my interest as it is a four day ride, so presents a new personal challenge in my life and provided an opportunity to learn more about Muscular Dystrophy and fundraise for a worthy cause.

Sponsorship Target - $2,000

Current Sponsorship - $2,440

Chris Waldron

Walker - 167

Cyclist - Chris Waldron

Profile - Owner Ausco Solar & Event Support Crew

I started riding seriously in my early 20ís competing in both track and road races at Chelsea and Peninsula cycling club and later contested the Victorian open road races series and track carnivals.

Due to work commitments and extended travelling, I gave cycling away in my early 30ís and only recently returned to the sport. Iím a member of Southern Masters where I race and Spice social club in Balnarring. I am enjoying different forms of cycling now and have recently competed in the Bright 24 hour Mountain Bike Event.

For Challenge MD Goldfields 2016, I will be providing support to all those rides that are pushing themselves to complete this very worthwhile event and for myself personally, I hope to learn more about MD

Sponsorship Target -

Current Sponsorship - $0

Total ChallengeMD! Sponsorship received to date $32,429

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