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Sponsorship Opportunities

Even though participants in ChallengeMD! have managed to raise the magnificent sum of $105,968 so far, the MDA is still seeking further support to advance support and information services and to further the current research being undertaken. Both these initiatives will have a significant impact on members of the MD Community.

You can sponsor a Trekker of your choice by a straight donation. You decide how much you want to contribute toward the important work of the MDA. Once you have decided to proceed, click on the "Sponsor Trekker " button adjacent to a selected Trekker to transfer to our secure transaction server. And be very aware every cent or dollar that you contribute toward every step we take, will bring us one step closer! You CAN help in the Fight Muscular Dystrophy Campaign with your sponsorship.

Interested in corporate sponsorship of the event, through naming rights of the event, day or leg of the trek? If so, please visit our Sponsorship page or contact the Executive Director at MDA on 61 3 9320 9555.

Donations and Sponsorship can be remitted directly into the MD bank account.

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Boris M Struk

Trekker - 144

Trekker - Boris M Struk

Profile - Executive Director - MDA

Boris knows only too well the devastating effect that Duchenne MD has had on his son Ryan. He is also no stranger to the challenges faced by a family learning to deal with the reality of life with one of these disorders. Boris' youngest son Ryan has valiantly battled the relentless progression of his disorder for the last 25 years, however as each year progresses his decline in strength seems to solidify Ryan's resolve to fight on.

As Executive Director of the MDA, Boris also knows only too well the devastating effects that MD has on the other members of our MD Community and it has been his determination that has seen the MDA evolve over the last two decades to be the robust, reliable and relevant organisation that it is today.

By challenging his own physical and mental stamina, as he did through ChallengeMD! 2006 Vietnam, ChallengeMD 2007 Cambodia, ChallengeMD 2008 China, ChallengeMD 2009 Nepal and ChallengeMD! 2010 Mt Blanc Boris hopes to bring others on the journey either physically with him or financially by supporting his efforts and those of the other ChallengeMD! Team members.

Sponsorship Target -

Current Sponsorship - $57,286

Lynne & Michael Pezzullo

Trekker - 146

Trekker - Lynne & Michael Pezzullo

Profile -

Lynne and Michael became interested in helping people with MD in 2007, when Lynne's health economics team at Access Economics researched the cost of MD in Australia. Lynne was very moved by the huge impact that MD has on the lives of young people and their families, and inspired by the positive solutions and enormous commitment provided by MDA. The early onset and chronic disabling nature of most forms of MD mean that its economic and disability burden is very high compared to other health conditions. People whose lives are touched by MD are forever changed.

Lynne and Michael were challenged by the innovative and healthy ways that MD raises funds. Lynne enjoys hiking, having trekked various mountains in Australia, North America and Patagonia. Michael and Lynne celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary in October, and couldn't resist the opportunity to celebrate by helping out MDA through ChallengeMD 2009 Nepal.

Lynne and Michael also participated in ChallengeMD 2011 Mt Blanc, so it is absolutely fantastic they have committed to undertake ChallengeMD 2013 Morocco

Research into the causes, care and cure of MD is a very worthy objective - and Lynne and Michael both strongly support ethical medical research.

Sponsorship Target -

Current Sponsorship - $19,000

Lincoln Kern

Trekker - 147

Trekker - Lincoln Kern

Profile - Ecological Consultant

I have been fortunate enough to be healthy and do not have Muscular Dystrophy in my immediate family but I have long been concerned about the difficulties people with chronic disease face and make an ongoing effort to contribute to a better environment and improving people's health and lives. Over time I have concentrated my efforts to lobby and raise money more on environmental causes and now I am trying to spread my efforts to important medical causes. I also have long appreciated a good adventure having travelled extensively, including North and Central America, Asia and southern Europe, on foot and push bike, and of course by bus, car and plane in between. My motivation to help others and have a good adventure have come together in my participation in ChallengeMD 2013 Morocco.

This is my first trip to Africa and I am very happy that I can use the trip as a platform to help raise money for a good cause for our community.

I work as a botanist and ecologist and run an environmental company, Practical Ecology, which has provided the core contribution for taking on ChallengeMD 2013 Morocco among many other causes it supports. I would be thrilled to raise more money so please donate more to match my efforts to date.

Sponsorship Target -

Current Sponsorship - $9,600

Daniella Villano

Trekker - 149

Trekker - Daniella  Villano

Profile - MDA Neuromuscular Nurse Coordinator

HI! My name is Daniella Villano and I have spent the last 8 years working as a nurse at The Royal Children's Hospital.

During the past years I have taken the opportunity to work closely with children and families affected with neuromuscular conditions as the MDA Neuromuscular Nurse Coordinator.

This opportunity has taught me great deal about the MD community.

Despite the many bright eyed, beautiful faces I see and all the quirky jokes I get told on a daily basis, the reality of each child & family's challenges and suffering are very real. The gaps in services, funding & research are also very real.

The decision to challenge myself in ChallengeMD! 2009 Nepal, Challenge MD! 2011 Mt Blanc and once again in the Challenge MD! 2013 Morocco was truly based on this.

While my role allows me to dedicate myself as a professional, this challenge will be a personal test of mental and physical endurance to raise greatly needed awareness and funds for all those affected by these devastating conditions.

So be sure that every step taken on all 14 days of trekking will not only be to challenge myself through conditions that I have never experienced, but also to take steps for each little life that has greatly touched mine.

Sponsorship Target -

Current Sponsorship - $7,853

"Lucy", Cameron & Penny

Trekker - 151

Trekker - Penny Bryer

Profile - Mum

Hi! My name is Penny Bryer. I am mum to three boys, Angus, Cameron and Ryan.

I will be  trekking in ChallengeMD 2013 Morocco on behalf of my middle son, Cameron, 14, who was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy at the age of two.

Cameron is a champion who does well at school and socially despite dealing with the many physical challenges that go with his condition. My challenge is to do what I can to raise money to help battle MD.

I have enjoyed trekking in Nepal and travelling to another part of Africa, Egypt, in my younger and fitter days, before I had Cameron and his two brothers. So ChallengeMD 2013 Morocco will definitely be a physical and mental challenge for me,but it will be really worthwhile to help raise money for and awareness of MD.

Your sponsorship, whatever the amount, will help Make a Difference.

Sponsorship Target -

Current Sponsorship - $9,750


Trekker - 152

Trekker - David S

Profile - Mechanic & Car Enthusiast

I first became aware of MD through my partner (Dani Villano's) first hand experience at working with these children & their families.

Learning about these devastating conditions & the impact they cause on people's lives has been an eye opener on the challenges that this community face. My decision to join Challenge MD! 2013 Morocco was based on the opportunity to create challenges of my own to assist in raising much needed awareness & funds for this very worthy cause.

Sponsorship Target -

Current Sponsorship - $2,309

Total ChallengeMD! Sponsorship received to date $105,968

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