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A Rider Profile

Featuring every Rider who has registered for ChallengeMD! 2008 China . Read about what has motivated each individual to undertake this challenge, and by clicking on ...More... next to each rider you can read about the publicity generated for that rider.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Even though participants in ChallengeMD! have managed to raise the magnificent sum of $139,219 so far, the MDA is still seeking further support to advance support and information services and to further the current research being undertaken. Both these initiatives will have a significant impact on members of the MD Community.

You can sponsor a rider of your choice by a straight donation. You decide how much you want to contribute toward the important work of the MDA. Once you have decided to proceed, click on the "Sponsor Rider " button adjacent to a selected rider to transfer to our secure server. And be very aware every cent or dollar that you contribute toward every turn of the pedal will bring us one step closer! You CAN help in the Fight Muscular Dystrophy Campaign with your sponsorship.

Interested in corporate sponsorship of the event, through naming rights of the event, day or leg of the ride? If so, please visit our Sponsorship page or contact the Executive Director at MDA on 61 3 9320 9555.

Donations and Sponsorship can be remitted directly into the MD bank account.

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Boris M Struk

RiderID 61

Rider - Boris Struk

Profile - Executive Director MDA

Boris knows only too well the devastating effect that Duchenne MD has had on his son Ryan. He is also no stranger to the challenges faced by a family learning to deal with the reality of life with one of these disorders. Boris’ youngest son Ryan has valiantly battled the relentless progression of his disorder for the last 25 years, however as each year progresses his decline in strength seems to solidify Ryan’s resolve to fight on.

As Executive Director of the MDA, Boris also knows only too well the devastating effects that MD has on the other members of “our MD Community” and it has been his determination that has seen the MDA evolve over the last two decades to be the robust, reliable and relevant organisation that it is today.

By challenging his own physical and mental stamina, as he did through ChallengeMD 2006 Vietnam and ChallengeMD 2007 Cambodia, Boris hopes to bring others “on the ride” either physically with him or financially by supporting his efforts and those of the other ChallengeMD! Team members.

Sponsorship Target -

Current Sponsorship - $51,171

Lyn Sporn

RiderID 62

Rider - Lyn Sporn

Profile - Integration Aid

For the last 13 years I have been employed by the Victorian Education Department working as an Integration Aid at Murrayville Community College in North Western Victoria. My position was created when a young local boy was enrolled in Grade Prep at our school. Jack was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy at the age of four and a half. I have assisted Jack all through his schooling up till now. This year Jack is currently completing year 11.

I want to give something back to Jack and his family by training hard for the next 7 months and raising as much money as I possibly can so this can be passed on to MDA community for research and providing services and support programs.

Sponsorship Target -

Current Sponsorship - $8,086

Cynthia Sporn

RiderID 63

Rider - Cynthia Sporn

Profile - Teacher

I live in North West Victoria in the same district as Lyn. I was one of Jack’s teachers in primary school . I assisted Jack cope with the initial stages of MD throughout the early years of his education. Jack and his family are members of our small community and I admire their spirit. I want to show my support by taking myself out of my comfort zone on the ride in China. In doing so I hope I can raise a large amount to go toward research to find a cure for MD and for financing support programs for those with MD and their families.

Sponsorship Target -

Current Sponsorship - $12,843

Joanne Dexter

RiderID 64

Rider - Joanne  Dexter

Profile -

I am married to Michael and I have 2 sons, Shaun who is 22 years old and Jack who is 17 years old.

Jack is affected by Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. We live in a small community in Murrayville in northwest Victoria and own a take-away shop, which is currently being leased out for 12 months hence the reason I am able to take part in ChallengeMD!. We moved here 13 years ago from Melbourne and everyone has been very supportive and wonderful.It has been a great environment in which to bring up our boys.

There has been so much support and generosity since I first decided to take part in ChallengeMD!. We have family and many friends in Melbourne who have also been very generous and supportive. I feel very fortunate that I am able to be a part of ChallengeMD! and alongside my wonderful sister Margaret, (Helen our other sister wasn't able to take part) I hope we can make a huge difference to funding research in the near future

Sponsorship Target -

Current Sponsorship - $7,618

Tanya O'Connor

RiderID 65

Rider - Tanya O'Connor

Profile - "Super Mum"

Busy mother of four Tanya O’Connor (“SuperMum” to her friends) lives in Blackburn Victoria, and is participating on the ride to raise awareness of Muscular Dystrophy, which was first brought to her attention through the illness of a family friend. Tanya is not sure how she will go on the bike trek through China, but she has begun her training and is willing to give it her best shot to support those with MD and their families.

Sponsorship Target -

Current Sponsorship - $5,327

Julia Matuschka

RiderID 66

Rider - Julia Matuschka

Profile - Nurse

I’m a mother of 3 children, and part time nurse working in age care.

My new year’s resolution for 2008 was to get involved in a charity. Muscular Dystrophy became my choice after speaking to my friend Katrina who is very involved with this charity for her own personal reasons. I’m looking forward to the challenges I meet along the way from fund raising to the physical and emotional side of the upcoming ride in China.

l hope by taking this challenge it brings awareness to the public and makes a difference to the lives of so many affected by muscular dystrophy and their families.

Sponsorship Target -

Current Sponsorship - $5,000

Michael Matuschka

RiderID 67

Rider - Michael Matuschka

Profile -

At the age of 40 I thought it was time to get motivated on a personal level and take on a challenge. I had recently heard about the ChallengeMD China and thought that it would be a great challenge for me, to learn more about Muscular Dystrophy and raise public awareness through the fundraising aspect of the challenge.

Sponsorship Target -

Current Sponsorship - $5,000

Katrina Bugeja

RiderID 68

Rider - Katrina Bugeja

Profile -

My husband and I have set ourselves a big challenge to ride through Vietnam in ChallengeMD 2006. Life seems so easy but when you receive devastating news your view on life changes. My inspiration is my 5 year old son Benjamin. Three years ago he was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. We are still coming to terms with the news but we are determined to help raise money and awareness to help find a cure. This is why we will push our bodies and join the crew to do the ChallengeMD! ride, again! Lets all work together to try and make a difference.

Sponsorship Target -

Current Sponsorship - $32,884

Margaret Romeo

RiderID 71

Rider - Margaret Romeo

Profile -

I am a full time bookkeeper with 3 children, 17, 16 and 12. I have been involved with MD for about 12 years now.

My nephew Jack who is 15 has Duchenne MD. Jack has a great sense of humour and is dearly loved by my family. Our dream is to see a cure in the near future. My biggest aim is to raise awareness of MD, which I feel, is starting to happen. When people become aware of exactly how terrible MD is, they certainly become more generous. I have been involved in fundraising for MD in the past.

I am excited and at the same time apprehensive about undertaking ChallengeMD!, but with the support of family, friends and my trusty gel seat, I'm sure it’s going to be fantastic. My sister/best friend, Joanne (Jack’s mum) suggested we do this challenge together, again! How can you say no to such a wonderful person? So, apart from doing something really worthwhile, I will also get to see a bit of the world.

Sponsorship Target -

Current Sponsorship - $6,290

Kellie U'Ren

RiderID 72

Rider - Kellie  U'Ren

Profile -

Our friends are an extension of our family and that is why I am taking part in ChallengeMD China for Ben and the Bugeja Family to help raise awareness and money but most of all for a cure to be found for this heartbreaking disease.

Katrina and Brett Bugeja asked me to think about doing the ride, I didn’t want to think about it for too long because I would have talked myself out of it or found some excuse. My husband Trevor took part in ChallengeMD Vietnam 2006 along with a group of friends and said it was the most challenging rewarding experience of his life.

I went to primary and secondary school with Katrina and our friendship has become stronger because of the relationships our husbands and now our children have with one another.

This will be the most challenging experience for me as I have been out of sport well let’s just say for quite a while now, but somewhere deep inside me there is a fit person desperate to be found .

With the support of my husband this is our way of showing our kids and those that support challenge MD that one person can help to make a difference in the lives of others by getting involved.

Sponsorship Target -

Current Sponsorship - $5,000

Total ChallengeMD! Sponsorship received to date $139,219

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